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                Microstructure analysis


                Evaluation of Non-metallic Inclusions Macroscopic Metallographic Analysis
                Metal Average Grain Size Evaluation X-ray Diffraction(XRD)
                Microcosmic Metallographic Analysis Carburizing/Nitriding/Hardening Layer


                Brief Introduction:

                Microstructure analysis is a method through optical microscope (OM), scanning electron microscope (SEM), the perspective of electronic microscope (TEM), X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis instrument to study the microstructure size, shape, distribution, quantity and nature of metal materials, composite materials, all kinds of new materials etc. Microstructure refers to the characteristic organization such as grain, inclusion, impurity and transformation products. Using this method can investigate such as alloy elements, the relationship between composition and microstructure changes: hot and cold processing process to introduce the changing rule of the organization; metallographic examination can also apply the product quality control and product testing, as well as failure analysis. Therefore, the material microstructure examination is the key to quality control of materials.



                Aerospace, energy, electronics, automotive, transportation, computers, communications, instrumentation, home appliances, medical, light industry, metallurgy and so on.

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